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Design is practical Imagination —

  1. I design products, manage workflows and develop interactive experiences. After the Y2K but more intensively since 2007, my main focus has been the study and practice of digital interactions. 
  2. Current Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA.
    Languages: English and Spanish


4 channel real-time video manipulation performancePerformance installation presented by commission with:
Soliloquy III | P.P.O.W. Gallery | New York City | 17 September 2011
Performers: Joshua Seidner, Alexander Abel | Sound and Video: Collective BLVCK AMERICA
Photo: Charles Billot | Costumes: TELFAR

UV Nile is an immersive, start-stop performance that draws connections between spiritualism, exoticism, false-idolatry and themes of tribal unity in 90's rave culture. The piece casts the gallery space as a house of worship; the performer as a high priest; and each spectator as a congregant. Throughout the night, collective BLVCK AMERICA projects multiple layers of live video and sound to isolate the most escapist elements of contemporary nightlife. In response, Joshua Seidner, prompted by constant and intermittent siren interruptions, borrows aspects of Egyptian initiation ritual, go-go worship, and glossolalia to offer both himself and a younger disciple as an objectified, mummy-wrapped, father-and-son of the cloth. Slowly transforming a secular experience into one of mystical reverence, UV Nile uncovers oft-overlooked connections between nihilistic artifice and holy abandon that characterize much of underground club culture. Duration 2h.
Developed with:MAX5 + Touch OSC