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Design is practical Imagination —

  1. I design products, manage workflows and develop interactive experiences. After the Y2K but more intensively since 2007, my main focus has been the study and practice of digital interactions. 
  2. Current Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA.
    Languages: English and Spanish


InInternetWeTrust, is an interactive audio-visual installation, where the user explores a 3D Virtual environment. Aesthetically, the piece references the immersive nature of virtual spaces, the domestication of media production and consumption, and the unfulfilling realization of our SC-FI utopias. Physically, the installation places the participant at an alter-like structure in front of a television screen, requiring the user to kneel or sit. The digital spaces reflect some of the latest changes occurring in culture, transforming many societies into cyber-societies through the process of virtualization. (More..)

Alan Schaffer
Thesis show MFA in Computer Art at SVA,
New York april 29th 2011

NewScientist (review)